Well I guess we know. Most people voted we dug deep enough and it was time to start climbing out, but a whole bunch of people have decided "no we have much further to dig! l and are trying to drag us down.

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Whelp, soon we find out if America's hit rock bottom or if we've got a ways to go yet.

Vote people, don't let be said we were too stupid to stop digging this hole.

I setup my Mom's Echo on my Amazon account (she didn't want an account, I ordered everything for her anyway). Even though she passed in May I just remembered and dug through the saved recordings on Amazon.

Now I have some recordings of her requesting music from Alexa.

Mastondon site settings custom css:

.column { width: 450px !important; }

there, that's sorted now i can use the web client

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Gandalf's wizard robe had really long sleeves because he used to be a U.S. Navy Seal and his arms are covered in tattoos

So at the end of Deadpool 2, Cable went from a guy who went to the past to save his family to a guy who stole is daughters teddy bear and abandoned his family for no reason.

What an asshole.

Ursula Le Guin's The Left Hand of Darkness is on sale for $1.99 in iBooks. Probably on the Kindle too.


Ah, a round of super-shitty dreams. No thanks. Now to try and reset my brain onto a different track.

ProTip: if you have workers in your house disable all the HomeKit automation you’ve set up so they don’t accidentally end up working in the dark.

Cheapest cell plan I've ever had was 5GB LTE per month, unlimited talk/text for $20 a month from Mint Mobile (have to buy a year at a time for that price).

I dropped them after a year because they didn't support iOS WiFi calling or visual voicemail.

iOS is finally a fully supported phone so i'm switching back.

Backend network is T-Mobile.


e-scooter + light rail will be 100x better for an urban environment than autonomous vehicles.

especially if light rail is free or subsidized for low income.

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