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I particularly love/hate this plot from the paper. Blue = active satellites, red = dead satellites/rockets, grey = debris, black = 2021 Russian ASAT debris.

Guess what the gigantic spike at 550km is? Starlink.

Such high density! Please don't make a mistake.

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how to craft an insult 

- take something basic ('u smell')
- make it personal ('u smell because you never learned to wipe your ass')
- elaborate ('your ass smells like something that a special dumping site for things that smell bad gave birth to out of its ass 9 months after fucking the exxon valdez spill raw')
- imply you have insider knowledge ('i know this because i was at your mother's place last night. we didn't even fuck, just talked about your abysmal personal hygiene for 3 hours')
- make it more uncomfortable ('anyway i left a sock there...')
- suggest exactly what they could do ('...and if you see it, could you pull it over your head and exile yourself to the sewers to live with the rest of the smellyass shitbabies')
- add that condescending touch ('hope this helps!')

Minor compared to other Shortcuts issues but the Favorite actions list not syncing and only being in order of most used is really annoying.

Crap, I should've had that in 2. That's what i get for picking a first word i thought would have zero letters.

Wordle 312 4/6*


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If you admin a Mastodon site just a reminder that you can domain block truth dot social. 'Cause fuck Trump.

Ah, the official Mastodon iOS client lets you post via Shortcut. Just text and you can only set visibility, but it's something. Toot and Metatext don't seem to support shortcuts at all yet.

Well I guess we know. Most people voted we dug deep enough and it was time to start climbing out, but a whole bunch of people have decided "no we have much further to dig! l and are trying to drag us down.

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Whelp, soon we find out if America's hit rock bottom or if we've got a ways to go yet.

Vote people, don't let be said we were too stupid to stop digging this hole.

I setup my Mom's Echo on my Amazon account (she didn't want an account, I ordered everything for her anyway). Even though she passed in May I just remembered and dug through the saved recordings on Amazon.

Now I have some recordings of her requesting music from Alexa.

Mastondon site settings custom css:

.column { width: 450px !important; }

there, that's sorted now i can use the web client

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Gandalf's wizard robe had really long sleeves because he used to be a U.S. Navy Seal and his arms are covered in tattoos

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